Friday, 25 February 2011

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Friday, 18 February 2011

Sleepy, sleepy baby!

So tired, but yet so determined to schmeal that shortbread all over the high chair...

Poor baby has been a bit grouchy recently with the Impending Teeth - she has a day of whinging and not wanting to do anything, then a rough night if we're really unlucky, followed by a very very sleepy day. Nowadays we have got Bedtime back to 9.30, (from 10.30-11pm!) but the disadvantage of that is her total lack of interest in nap time during the day! For why would she want to sleep when there are new people to stare at? Or places to explore in her Walker, where Mum doesn't let her go? Or bricks to bash together? Or sugar sticks to chew? Or paper to rip up and eat?

The midwife or health visitor person or whatever she's called was supposed to visit yesterday. I got a letter offensively addressed to "Parent of Miranda Townsend" (like she only has one), saying she wanted to visit Miranda "at home" on 'Thursaday" and to call if that was 'inconveinant'. I rang and said come down to the cafe instead, but no one showed up. Apparently she'd rung to say she couldn't make it - and claims she'd spoken to Miranda Townsend. I sincerely hope it was an interesting conversation but since Miri's vocabulary is currently limited to ahbababaga-oogaaaabu I can't imagine it was particularly enlightening. Then she said she'd left a message. No message on my answerphone, so I asked what number she'd rang. The number she said was wrong, so someone, somewhere in the Darlington area code has a message about my daughter on their answerphone. Seriously unimpressed.
However, in someways it is a relief. I really couldn't be bothered talking to the idiot woman, I don't see why Miri needs a check up - I haven't yet left her in the pub or anything, and as far as I can tell she is still a Baby. What else is the midwife really going to tell me? Maybe the cafe is not the easiest, comfiest place for her to grow up - but if not in there with me, where should she be? I hate having to justify myself to silly healthworkers, no matter how well-intentioned they may be - there's just no need. Apparently I am going to get another letter (probably equally full of typos) to arrange another visit in March now. I can hardly contain my enthusiasm. I think I may have to let Miri demonstrate her excellent new biting skills....


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