Blogroll of Friends

Some of my lovely and creative friends have blogs as well, they keep me entertained so I thought I'd share the reading list on here! Not all baby-related, but definitely worth a look!

Kieryn blogs about his cute new son, who will actually be Cheese's third cousin: Loving Miran

Faz is a struggling scribbler, Living on a Prayer

Zee negotiates finishing college, love, and life at Knickers, Liquors and Fire Clickers

Clive rambles on from South Africa In The Now

Random musings on the details by Anna at Even the smallest cut matters

Chica Loquita Andie describes her new life in my beloved Nicaragua: El Pais bajo de mi piel

Talking of Nicaragua, Donna posts updates from the Building New Hope project in Granada, at Never Nacatamale

More travel: Anna recorded her time in Scotland during the Three Month Edinburgh Adventure

If you thought she spent a lot of time in coffee shops, try Stuart's Mentness coffee blog

Or even the official Pollards Blog in Sheffield

Finally, a great blog about novels, games, politics and films from Simon K Jones

Go get yourself some coffee and cheese and enjoy!


Nothing to do with the small pieces of Edam of the same name


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