Saturday, 28 January 2012

Is it still early days?

We've just had Miri's 2nd Christmas. She is 19months old. This is very weird. Already I can't remember what life was like without her, but more than that, it's hard to imagine her not walking, being less communicative, or even being bald as she was last Christrmas! She is now VERY chatty, has quite a few English words and is just beginning to start putting them in 'sentences' - notably, "It's a baby" (addressed to anyone smaller than her!) "NO! Mine! and most adorably, "There's the moon!".

We'll be moving soon, and we've got the difficult task of working out what things can plausibly come with us, and what has to be sold or got rid of. We did a Baby Fair today, sold a few bits but didn't get rid of the stuff that takes up the most space annoyingly. And of course, we didn't leave empty handed. A significant proportion of the profits turned into a Ninky Nonk and Upsy Daisy. She is VERY keen on In The Night Garden. Which is a shame, because its awful. Not as eye-bleedingly, brain meltingly awful as Waybuloo, admittedly. I swear if Miranda starts talking in the third person or learns yogic flying, I will write Very Stern Letters to the BBC! Ahem. Worse, that show is also on in Canada!!! THERE IS NO END TO THE TERROR!!! I am trying to convince her that TV only happens for an hour a day. Unless Mummy is Very Tired.

Sadly, Mummy is Very Tired quite often. Miri is exhausting! I have had a massive shift from taking her to work in the cafe with me, working 50 odd hours a week AND doing the PhD, to not working at all and having her at home with me all day every day. She would probably be climbing the walls in the cafe nowadays anyway, but in there she at least had other people to amuse her. Now, every day involves finding ever new ways to entertain her, and inventing reasons to go in to town - to get out the house, but that doesn't involve spending money. We are painfully broke - but that is a different story. She has a ridiculous amount of energy - we have to stomp around town, only going where she wants to go - woe betide I try and do anything useful against her will, she lies on the floor, arms and legs flailing, runs off, breaks things, casually shoplifts etc. Then we go to the park, and she says BOO to geese, goes on the swings and generally exhausts me, or Rhymetime where she sings and dances and accidently assaults other children, or Cookie Tots where we get to cook and make a LOT of mess and sing silly songs, or, if I can afford it, Ball Pool and soft play which, unsurprisingly, she adores! Getting her dressed takes nearly 20 minutes and is harder than wrapping a greased squid in clingform. This does mean that it is virtually impossible to do anything I need to do though. It's taken me a week to get round to writing this blog!! Let alone start packing to emigrate!

Canada is in sight, so maybe, given that she is Big and Gallumpfing and chatty and the most brilliant toddler ever, I shall stop this blog when we move. These are not really her Early Days any more. But she is wonderful!


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