Hello World!

Welcome to my new blog!

In simple terms, our baby (a girl, as far as we can tell) is due mid-June. I love writing, and so I thought this life-changing time would be good subject matter, especially as it is very difficult for me to think about anything else at the moment! I have 6 months of maternity leave to fill, after all…

I’ve not had any serious problems during this pregnancy; however, it has been pretty rough, worse than I thought it would be. I have basically been feeling lousy the entire time… sick, hormonal, achey and with some seriously yukky bits that I will spare you! I am informed that everyone’s pregnancy is different so maybe I am just unlucky – a friend of mine claims she really enjoys being pregnant, for instance. It has been a completely surreal, amazing, disturbing experience so far; I am convinced it cannot be “natural” – it is such an inefficient process!! But that is a different story. This blog aims to explore our new-found status as Parents, which is a thrilling, terrifying and completely incomprehensible prospect at the moment. I am incredibly excited, and pretty impatient, but I still don’t think I am naturally maternal. We shall see….

If you are curious about why this is entitled “Cheese’s Early Days” and why there are random pictures of cheese around the site, please take a look at the About page.

And now, the count down begins!

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