Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bad Baby!!!

Carl keeps wondering if Miranda is quite advanced for her age. I don't really know, she is just Miranda. Very definitely Miranda. Inimitably Miranda. She was walking just before her first birthday, she has MASSIVE feet, 7 teeth and about 5 words. Is this normal for a 14 month old?
Not that it matters really, as long as she is healthy and happy. All babies grow at different rates I reckon!

One thing that has come early though seems to be the Getting Cross and Screaming about it phase. I thought this was supposed to be The Terrible Twos? She just has phases of being a Little Beast. At the moment, the favourite games are Flatly Refusing to Eat When In The Highchair. She'll eat anything as long as she's sitting on my knee or running around the house with both hands full, but not in the high chair because schmeeeling food is restricted and there is a handy wipe clean mat underneath her. This is not funny. Neither is her neat little trick of rescuing icky things from out of the bin, such as greasy not-quite-empty tubs of marg or egg shells. Or getting outside and playing with the chain on Daddy's bike. Or ripping the pages of her favourite book. Or emptying my wallet all over the floor and trying to rip up the £20 notes. She actually knows that we don't like what she's doing though. She looks at me and the lip wobbles even before I've told her off or taken away the offensively sticky item - and then when we do scold, we get the whole guilt trip: Real Tears! big lip! howling! Being told off for flinging her bowl full of dinner all over the floor is the worst thing ever and who knows how she will cope with the trauma?!

More seriously (and in hindsight I am including these tales entirely for amusement factor, dear reader) she stole my front door keys the other day, took them out of my bag in the cafe, and I didn't notice. I pedalled all the way home, and had to sit on the step with her in the rain for 25 mins until Carl got home to let me in. I got in a complete panic because I honestly thought I'd dropped the keys out of my trike or left them actually in the door or something and was expecting someone to have got into the house.... I found the keys though. They were in the bottom of Miri's toybox in the cafe.

Today, I got home after a seriously rubbish day in the cafe (during which she wailed all afternoon out of boredom, poor baby, tipped a full bowl of porridge on the floor (she refused to eat it because she was sitting in the high chair at the time), stole a teapot and tried to microwave it, stole half a dozen sticks of sugar and deposited them around the place, tried to suck on the air freshner, played bongo drums with the lid of the nappy bin, and rearranged the books - by moving them from the shelf to the floor. When I got home, I went outside to get the soaking wet washing in, and she slammed the door on me, locking me out!! I had to eventually climb over our neighbours' fence, and tap on their back window to get them to let me through their house so I could get in my front door - I was lucky they were in!! I know she is just being a playful, experimental toddler, but it is getting infuriating!!

In a way, I feel for her. She is getting bigger, and she is realising that the world we provide for her isn't as big as it once seemed. Really hope all our Canada plans come together soon, so she'll have a whole new environment to explore! At the moment, keeping up with her and stopping her destroying things is completely exhausting!!

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