Saturday, 29 January 2011


24th January 2011, aged 7 months and 11 days... MIRANDA HAS TEETH!
Two appeared at the same time, bottom front. She has been practicing GNASHING them for the past week and they are extremely sharp! She has only nipped me once whilst feeding, but ye gads.... that hurt.

She also has a Walker thing in the cafe now. She is still determined not to crawl (put her on her front, and she gets frustrated and bawls!) but she can get quite a speed up in the walker! Legs are doing the right thing, but without the walker support the balance isn't quite there yet. I foresee months of Carl and I staggering around like croquet hoops holding her up while she gets the hang of it all...

Oh, and apparently I should have been reading up on "baby-led weaning." This is, essentially, baby eating exactlywhat she wants, when she wants it. Which is exactly what Miranda does. (favourite at the moment being naan bread). I am supposed to have read magazines and baby books to tell me how to let her do it.

My baby walks and has teeth and has dinner with us and I am sooooo proud of her!!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Christmas and Cafe

As mentioned briefly in the last post, we have Afternoon Tease cafe up and running!! I am utterly exhausted, but it is getting there, I am proud of it, and I am also so, so proud of Miranda. She has been coming in to work with Mum every day, and she is so good in there. It is sometimes difficult because when I have a rush of customers, I have to put Miri down and give other people my attention, which she occasionally objects to; but fortunately I have the ever-lovely Auntie Jo to help me out and sing songs about Hippos to her. For the most part though, Miri seems quite happy in there. We have constructed her a play corner, with her soft mat, things to bash, a train set, cuddly toy collection, bricks, a knitted tea set, high chair, and now a proper baby change so she can have her bum cleaned in a more dignified fashion. She slurps on her babycinos in there and orders me about from the high chair, and gets fussed over by friends and strangers. I think, she is interested enough in people and new faces, that she shouldn't get too bored in the cafe. A lot of people, even total strangers, have commented that she seems such a contented baby. I do feel lucky that she is so easy to look after and happy to amuse herself at such a young age.

She is a very social baby though, as became evident over Christmas. We aimed to have a quieter Christmas than normal because it was the first one with Miri, but we still ended up covering half the length of the country visiting relatives. So weird to see family who hadn't yet met Miranda! She was spoilt rotten, unsurprisingly. Of course, the wrapping paper was much more interesting thatn the presents, but she got some lovely stuff. Carl got her a huge bag of bricks and she loves chewing them and bashing them together. Lots of books too, including the Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling. I remember them from when I was young, and I love reading them to her! She also ate and ate and ate, scoffing blended up Christmas dinner including sprouts, and fruit salad and trifle and even a Christmas tree shaped chocolate and bits of popadom and raita when we went for a curry on New Year's day.

She had such an exciting week that she was refusing to go to sleep at night in case she missed something. This began to get ridiculous, especially when I only managed to get her to bed at 11.50pm on 31st Dec, having allowed her to toast 2011 with pineapple juice in her new beaker beforehand. Poor baby was exhausted though because as soon as we got home (we were staying with her Granny and Grandad), she crashed out and slept for 13 hours. It was so lovely sharing in her first Christmas, I hope she enjoyed herself too!


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